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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. there's a lot happening today in the investigation of friday eats deadly warehouse fire. this afternoon officials released the identities of two more victims. >> that's right. we are still waiting to learn the names of seven people who died in that fire. also today the atf confirmed the fire started on the first floor of the ghost ship and trapped people on the second floor. there is no official cause determined yet. a team from the national fire prevention association is going to ensure the safety of the artists in the city. >> a total of 36 people have been found dead and other are those two new victims identified today. 35-year-old jason mccarthy. >> and 61-year-old wolfgang renner. both men lived in oakland. laura anthony is live in oakland with the late on the investigation tonight. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. well, a press conference here just concluded here at oakland's emergency operations center. it included the mayor and
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several city officials who we have not heard from yet. now that the recovery operation is winding down, the focus is turning to what happened before this fire occurred and how it could be prevented or could have been prevented, and while the city planning and building department says they did receive complaints about the property in recent years they were mostly about the vacant lot next door. while inspectors visited that property as recently as three weeks ago they made no effort to go inside the warehouse. >> in terms of the planning and building inspector, our records didn't show an inspector had been inside the building in the last 30 years. that means there were no applications for permits no, applications for permits in the last po years and there were no violations that were submitted for interior work within the main building attributed to that street address. >> i'm creating a task force of
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national fire safety experts. now my immediate priorities for this task force are enhanced building safety, event safety and complaint procedures. >> now the mayor said that some of those folks who are going to help with the task force flying out this evening. yesterday the alameda county sheriff's department disclosed that the atf had told them that a possible cause was a refrigerator at the rear of the first floor of the building. today the atf backed off of that. the refrigerator is still being examined and has not determined to have been the cause of the fire. we're looking at every possible ignition source that's in the building. we have no time line for clues. we're going to do a thorough job. we owe that to the -- to the
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familiar his of t families of the victim and we need to have accurate information when we make the conclusion. >> moantimeantime, what happene didn't happened leading up with the atf. the atf tells us they will be out on the scene for at least several more days, so while the recovery operation is winding down or finished they will still be removing possible evidence from that site and going through it they say for days and weeks to come. live in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 nuts. >> all right. thanks very much, laura. the revelation that no city inspector was inside that warehouse for 30 years comes 24 hours after libby schaaf released some document. >> they detailed ten complaints about the warehouse and adjacent lot. some were as reese enas last month. >> the city of oakland revealed 32 pages of detailed documents
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related to complaints on two properties, the most recent visit was last month. complaints were made about the structure and adjacent lot on november 13th. the description. there's a ton of garbage piling up on the main building was remodel and looks very bad and looks like a health issue. they snapped pictures of debris piled in front of and next to the ghost ship warehouse. they visited the warehouse again on november 18th but could not gain access to the inside of the building. the inspector wrote cannot see if there's an illegal building from the sidewalk. >> the routine procedure which was followed. if you cannot gain entry to a building, you send a request to the owner requesting such entry. >> the city planning and building department issued a violation to the owner on november 21st to clean up the deboro and was scheduled to
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reinspect the property and investigators were out to the ghost ship before for similar xlarngts twice in 2014 and once in type. >> and mayor schaaf hats full and transparent investigation into how this tragedy unfolded. >> that investigation will include police and fire records as well as other city and county agencies. at fruitvale and 31st avenues in oakland, a memorial grows for the 36 lives lost in the fire. some people have left pictures of the victims and some personal notes and others sglrs and as you have heard many of the people who died in the fire were creative people. they were artist and musicians, people who brought energy and a certain beauty to the world. >> here's abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. >> alex vega made quit an impression on his high school wellness councillor who said he was gentle. >> something about his presence
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that definitely sticks out to me. you don't forget people like that. you just don't forget. >> he was at the ghostship with his high school sweetheart who also passed away in the fire. >> they loved each other and having been taken from us so soon, it just really hits close to home. >> it hits close to home for those who knew photographer amanda kershaw as well and her friend leah camille shared this photograph of her photographing her creations. this woman got to know her as her hairdresser before encouraging her to share her photograph in the salon. >> show has grown so much personally, professionally and artistically in the five years that i've known her. >> victims alex ghassan and hana rex were engaged and she had
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just relocated from finland. >> i always think big. >> a characteristic these artists in their prime steam share. melanie woodrow, abc 1 news. >> all right. it is starting to rain now so the big question is how might that affect the investigators at the scene of the fire? >> they have been ration the last couple of days to get ahead of the storm because they knew several days of rain was coming. sandhya? >> it's going to be a dicy situation for the rescue efforts as you take a look at live doppler 7 right now. we do have more widespread rains than earlier and we did have light sprinkles and showers. radar is starting to get lit up and santa rozada as we take you into south santa rosa. moderate rain falling around old road wed highway and around st. he willena, this is mixed precipitation, rain and snow mix and around the kensington areas
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we're seeing short developing and in irpgs h san francisco. as we take you up to the north it's turning to snow. we're just getting started with the rainy pattern. i'll be back with a detailed look over what you can expect over the connection of. >> today in san francisco many of them got some help. abc 7 is joining 70 other media outlets in taking a closer look at the homeless crisis in san francisco and tonight abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez is live at the civic center >> reporter: for the past couple of days it's become more challenging because of the colder temperatures and homeless advocates are out here trying to make things had a little bit easier. coats and warm jackets were actually appreciated by the
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homeless and peopling cost of living in property. they were knitted by volunteers of the texas-based warm up, america. >> we want to make sure we keep -- waited in line to guest needed services. the location, the bill tram civic auditorium. the services provided include medical, dent al and vision among others. project homeless connect puts on five of these a year and they provide information on shelters and non-traditional housing. jamie fletcher is without permanent housing relying on friends to stay off the streets. >> it means a lot knowing people care and to be able to come in and get what you need without a hassle and without having to worry i don't have any money, how am i going to afford it?
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people left with bags of vite and advantage. we're trying to get them to t e take. i live on a disability check and here in san francisco that's not real easy to do so anything, food, you know, they give you, it's trepp. >> pets with a chance to stay healthy. >> stay with us here because coming up on "abc 7 news at 6:00" wayne freedman takes a closer look at a san francisco neighborhood inundated by homeless as well as the frustration both inside and outside the encampments. that's tonight on "abc 7 news at 6:00. ". >> much more ahead. up next a breach at san francisco international airport. a. >> and the mystery derise
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bilking's enthusiasm for every game he called get. >> word is he's looking at a lay area money man to hill his afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. a man breached security at san francisco international airport and ran right out on to the air field. >> yeah. after a wild chase airport police finally caught him. abc 7 nuts reporter vic she live at sfo for us. vic? >> well, this certainly raises questions about the security at this airport. now the spokesman here says they are investigating, of course, to see just how this could happen,
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especially when they have got so much security places here. >> i mean, this guy was running like a running back. he was fast. >> paramedic firefighter rafael gordon responded to a call on his bike. someone was lying unconscious at the southwest ticket counter. >> he was breathing. i ended up reaching over to start taking his vite rall sipts. he popped up and just bolted. >> he ran down the perm nal and out the door. >> jumped over an embankment 20 feet down and made it on to the airfield. >> take a look at the chase from the cell phone vehicle. >> police and airport vehicles began to chase him and the intruder we've had in and out of hits path. the man seemed to have boundless energy, perhaps high on something. after zigzagging around the airfield gordon said the man simply got tired and when he
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slowed down officers caught him. the breech raises the question of airport security and the airport spokesman says they have already made improvement. >> already hardened over 10,000 feet of fencing and added new analytics and have an rfp out for a water detection system. >> and despite all of that the man was the able to simply jump over a fence. >> strange. people from several professions brainstormed in san francisco today to come up with ways to combat human trafficking. the san francisco collaborative against human trafficking brought together health care workers, social workers and law enforcement. one area of focus, oiflg potential human traffickers. >> you're looking at people who have sort of a nars kistic personality, poem that are will
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to -- >> >> a issue with the battery is actually worse than first announced. >> michael finney is here with that story. >> the good news is it's not dangerous. >> not like the other battery problems. >> 6s manufactured between september and october 2015 were prone to shut down without warning. now the company is saying the issue may extend beyond those dates. they should take their phones to an apple store. your battery will be replaced for free if you have one of the troubled phones. the company won't say how many phones are affected other than it's a small number. thieves, i have reported for quite some time have come up with a way to bypass cars with
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key fobs or keyless entries. the national crime insurance institute says it has been able to purchase a device that enabled them to open the car door and drive the vehicle away. the device was originally developed to test the vulnerability of various significance tells and slightly more than half the 35 tests. testers were able to foil the keyless entry and supposedly possibly steal the car. the crime bureau says automakers must improve their cyber security and car owners should keep their key fobs with them at all times and not leave any vabls in their cars. a hearing on capitol hill focused on the proposed by controversial merger between nidal ayyad aai at&t and time warner. it would bring better price options for consumers and wasn't specific. some senators appeared skeptical saying it's not apparent any savings would go to customers. president-elect donald trump is on record as being opposed to
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the merger. the two companies would form the second largest media company in the world, yeah. >> thanks, michael. >> all right. speaking of the president-elect, mr. donald trump is said to be considering a silicon valley investor to lead the fda. jim o'neill was deputy secretary at the department of health and human services and he helps run one of thiele's firms and does not have a medical background. >> holy toledo, it's finally happened. cooperstown finally calls the fame of legendary a's announcer bilking. >> hit high to center field and it's going deep and it is a home run. >> king won the ford c. fricke awar. he was the radio voice for more
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than two decades and was known for his catch phrase holy three-dayo. he's been a finalist for this award for several years. good evening, everyone. you'll see the rain is really scattered in nature with the steadiest in the north bay. i'll close in on lakeside drive. wet roadways and real the evening commute will be slippery and a slow going up. sonoma as we take you into napa, eighth street and east also getting wet. east barracks getting real light returns around oakland. 11th avenue heading into emoryville and each the bay seeing showers across 24 maragha boulevard. it's snowing in the northern california mountains and also in the sierra nevada. it is great to so the snow, but it is going to be tough traveling up there.
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right now on 50 it is snowing as you can see heading into tahoe. the winter weather advisory is up and 3 to 6 inches expected and snow could be down to it a hundred feet stow there's the potential for travel issues and carry your chains and expect fnl. >> so we went from really just jifrg this morning to deal with the wet and breezy overnight and another system is coming through on sunday. . current system is 1, light in intensity and -- sorry 2, minor flooding is not out of the question. it's moderate storm and going to be a breezy one as well. the current storm is a 1 and tomorrow's storm is a 2.
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this is about 30 miles per hour along the coast and 7:00 a.m. still pretty and 25 year the coastline. you're looking at light to moderate. a mix of rain and snow will continue in the higher elevations and your morning commute does not look like it's going to be a good one. this continues around 7:00 to 8:00 as you might be getting the kids dressed for school committee they will need the rain boots and umbrellas. expect scattered showers tomorrow afternoon and north evening commit, the vein when you add it up. tomorrow morning not as cold thanks to the milder air coming in and the system with the cloud
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cover. upper 30s to upper 40s and you'll need all the rain gear. as far as the highs are concerned for thursday, temperatures will come up as will. mid-50s to the low 60s for most you and a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a moderate strength storm for tomorrow, a 2 on our storm impact scale. rainy and breezy and friday we have a 1 with scattered showers and it's a lighter system going into early saturday and our next system comes in on sunday. and there's a chance or keys. you can always download the >> this man's push to recognize his pearl harbor heroics. that's "x." >> and then at 5:30. >> several break stories, the
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chaotic scene at a high school. an officer stepping in and shooting a. >> the
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you are looking at one man putting the personal touches to mark the 75th anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. bill lewis oven expresses his creativity using the sand at the boardwalk as his canvas. he hopes today's message will help people appreciate history so the world can avoid future conflicts. >> remarkable. the navy is being urged to award an medal of honor to an of aman american and he is heroics helped erase the military. >> tags 75 years ago today that
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the japanese military bombed pearl haaror,. >> you can see the battleships. >> he deserted the machine gun. he had no training. doing so would have violated a law banning african-american servicemen from shooting weapons. >> actor cuba gooding injury portrayed him in the film "pearl harbor." his act of bravery led to effort to provide greater opportunities for african-americans. when he took gun in and he wrote jim grow started his raft. and andors ann wells paid tribute to him. his supporters are still hitch
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i ing. >> we threated this for new to. >> well, still ahead, a lot of firefighters helmets handed out today in
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00. >> you can't tell me what i did right or wrong, okay. >> my friends died. >> tempers flare in oakland. tonight the heated exchange over concerns surrounding another artist collective. >> also, remembering pearl haaror, a 97-year-old bay area reporter who is still working today shares what he did the day of the attack, and on the lighter side 7 on your side's michael finney helps you come up with some extra holiday cautious.
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that's at good as goal. >> thanks, ama, see you then. >> hundreds of kids got some early christmas joy at city hall. >> the children lined up to so a bag of gifts and they took a picture with kanata child support organizers willp part of the case load. >> they are so amazed and they walk in and see the tree and santas and gifts and it's really overwhelming for some of them. >> so much money. >> 1,100 kids government gift bags. the public library was also there to hand out free books. >> so happy to see that kids are getting books, not electronics decisions "world news" with. >> our next newscast is at 6:00. meantime, connect 24/7 at abc 1
5:30 pm or with our news app. >> am i and i will see you in half an hour. tonight, several breaking stories. the chaos at an american high school. a knife-wielding teenager. the crowd of students. the officer then firing. police at this hour now looking into this video. also tonight, the urgent manhunt right now. two officers shot. one dead, one critical. a college on lockdown. the deadly fires. and just in tonight, the new arson charges. did two teenagers intentionally set the fires? 14 people would die. the dangerous driving at this hour. the winter blast across several states. snow, ice, freezing rain. and now, the arctic blast hitting tonight. and crossing the line? the woman battling breast cancer, and what the tsa asked her to allow. tonight, the tsa responding. and america strong. we're with the american heroes, returning to pearl harbor.


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